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Women and young children are currently living in transient camps, as their homes have been demolished or are no longer safe. We are raising funds to build homes for 120 families so that they no longer have to live in tents in refugee camps. In addition to building homes for over 100 families, Havoyoco will build a medical center, school and two deep water wells to deliver safe drinking water to the families. These families have endured unthinkable tragedy. Imagine a rail-thin, barefoot child waiting in line for a bucket of water to haul back to a flimsy tent where his family waits – trying to escape from the harsh winds. These conditions are not temporary for these families; they have nowhere to go, and no opportunities for secure housing. We will build permanent homes to transform their lives – giving them back their dignity, and providing them with opportunities to build a better life with their basic needs being met. These families are victims of decades of war and corrupt government. They have endured drought and famine, but Havoyoco wants to save these families and give them hope for a better future. Havoyoco needs YOUR help. In order to build the homes, school and medical facility, the organization needs to raise $1.4 million.

Havoyoco US is starting to build homes
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With a site chosen and plans created, the Homes for Humanity project is entering the fundraising phase. The average estimated cost to build homes for 120 families is less than $1.5 million. Each home will only cost approximately $7,000, with additional expenses covering important utilities including electricity, waste disposal and providing access to clean and safe drinking water.

To break ground, Havoyoco is seeking just $20,000.

HAVOYOCO, would like to present their earnest appeal to all individuals and consider how even small contributions and donations can go a long way to solve a humanitarian crisis.

Project Details

Site Plan
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Havoyoco’s mission is to empower the struggling refugees to create sustainable livelihoods. This much-needed Hargeisa housing project will provide secure permanent housing for 120 families, mostly women and children leading marginal existence in the privations of a refugee camp, giving them access to clean, fresh water, basic medical care and the opportunity to attend school.

Through a combination of international organizations and the generosity of individual donors whose hearts are touched by the grassroots efforts of youth volunteers among the neediest refugee camps, Havoyoco, Inc. (Africa) has been a humanitarian outreach presence since 1992 and operates as a nonprofit 501©3 organization. We provide food, literacy classes, parenting classes, vocational training and ongoing counseling to refugee children and their families.

Your donation will bring these 120 families closer to the opportunity of starting their lives over, healing from the emotional scars of war and reclaiming their dignity through access to basic services, education and vocational training. In addition the personal satisfaction of helping build safe homes for little children, you will qualify for a tax deduction for the amount of your contribution to building Homes for Humanity.