Our Projects

First Aid &
CPR Classes
This is a 3 hour training that follows an ODJFS-approved curriculum for lay responders. This class meets ODJFS revised code requirements [5101:2-14-13] and supplies the basics of First Aid and CPR/injury prevention, emergency preparedness and response skills, as well as response to specific injuries and special health needs. Learn more...
Havoyoco works in cooperation with the Office of Minority Health at Columbus Public Health to coordinate annual Somali Health & Wellness Fair. The Somali Health & Wellness Fair is a day dedicated to learning about health living and community resources. Free health screenings are offered by representatives from the local medical community and a wealth of information is available. Learn more...
Social Awareness &
Governance Program
To Increase community awareness about social issues and to promote the practice of good governance in both private and public institutions, through policy advocacy and awareness creation in order to ensure proper utilization of public resources and good service delivery which can improve the economic, socio-political prosperity of Somaliland. Learn more...
Youth Empowerment &
Skills Training Program
To empower youth and women to improve their livelihood through skills training and income generation activities. Major partners and donors of this program are UNHCR, Oxfam Novib, Africa Educational Trust (AET) ILO, save the children and ADF. Learn more...
Public Health &
Livelihood Program
To contribute to improving the public health systems in the target communities in collaboration with other stakeholders through health promotion initiatives and to empower communities to enable them attain sustainable livelihoods opportunities. Learn more...
Disaster Risk Reduction &
Emergency Response Program
Developing contingency plans for humanitarian emergencies in Somaliland and the region. Building the capacity of HAVOYOCO staff to improve response to emergencies within the community. Working closely with national emergency preparedness and response organizations... Learn more...