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Havoyoco USA

Founded in 2012, Havoyoco USA has become a key player in combating poverty and enhancing community empowerment. Our approach is rooted in actionable knowledge and skills, through strategic partnerships such as with Action for Children in Columbus, Ohio, and our sister organization, HAVOYOCO in Africa, we implement holistic strategies for sustainable impact across continents.

Pay & Support – Help Us Train Health Workers and Build Hospitals

Build Hospitals, Train Community Health Workers – Transform Lives in the Horn of Africa

Our Programs and Their Global Impact

CPR and First Aid Training

Our work with Action for Children spotlights our dedication to health education and emergency readiness.

Community Empowerment

We aim to elevate the lives of underrepresented groups, providing them with the resources needed for an improved quality of life and active community involvement.

International Collaboration

Our partnership with HAVOYOCO in Africa is crucial to our efforts addressing the pressing needs in the Horn of Africa, embodying our commitment to social, health, and emergency responses.

Mission and Vision for Worldwide Change

Our Mission is to eradicate health disparities through education, empowering communities across local, national, and international levels for sustainable development. Our Vision envisions a world freed from poverty, where community well-being is significantly improved through impactful and enduring initiatives. As an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with Consultative Status: Special by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2015, Havoyoco USA is dedicated to comprehensive community upliftment. Working closely with our sister organization, HAVOYOCO in Africa, we address critical social, health, and emergency needs, contributing to a brighter future across the globe, particularly in the Horn of Africa.

Our Global Reach and Impact

Havoyoco USA has trained thousands of individuals in CPR and first aid, equipping them with life-saving skills crucial for emergency preparedness. Beyond our local initiatives, we have extended humanitarian assistance to another several thousand individuals across the Horn of Africa, including in Somaliland, Somalia, and Ethiopia. This expansive effort, in partnership with HAVOYOCO in Africa, underscores our commitment to enhancing health, safety, and emergency responsiveness in regions most in need.

Collaborative Efforts for Global Change

Our strength lies in collaboration. Our partnerships, including the vital link with HAVOYOCO in Africa, enable us to tackle complex challenges through united efforts. We invite partners, volunteers, and supporters from around the globe to join us in our mission to enhance community well-being worldwide.

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Pay & Support – Help Us Train Health Workers and Build Hospitals